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HONG KONG - The first typhoon that has landed in China this year is approaching Hong Kong, said the Hong Kong Observatory on Wednesday.

Typhoon Ewiniar was about 400 km away from the region as of Wednesday afternoon, bringing about rainbands to Hong Kong, the agency said.

Squally showers and thunderstorms are expected for the region in the next couple of days, according to the observatory.

Ewiniar landed in Xuwen county of China"s southern Guangdong province at 6 am Wednesday morning and is expected to linger in the vicinity of Leizhou Peninsula, the southernmost part of Guangdong province.

The chance to issue the Strong Wind Signal, the No. 3 will not be high on Wednesday, the Hong Kong Observatory said.

Before Ewiniar"s approaching, Hong Kong residents suffered intense heat for more than two weeks since May 18 with temperatures above 33 degrees Celsius. Hong Kong will get reprieve from scorching temperatures in next several days.