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About 165,000 people from all walks of life rallied Sunday to support Hong Kong"s police, who have been experiencing a tough time as the continued protests over the now-suspended extradition law bill have morphed into growing provocations and insults against them.

During the three-hour gathering that started at Tamar Park at 3 pm, participants dressed in white and blue held placards reading "We support Hong Kong police!" and waved national flags despite heavy bursts of rain.

One of those at the rally, former commissioner of police Tang King-shing, said he was saddened by the recent protests against the force.

In the past two weeks, the police headquarters in Wan Chai has been besieged twice. Protesters were seen blocking the building"s entrances, throwing eggs and bottles onto the building"s walls and flashing lasers toward officers" eyes.

Tang said he was disheartened that the many years of effort by the police in maintaining order was being disregarded.

Lo Chung-mau, chief executive of the University of Hong Kong-Shenzhen Hospital, said he attended the gathering in the hope that Hong Kong"s rule of law could be respected and cherished. He also said he hopes some citizens will reflect on whether their recent actions went against their original intention, which was to protect Hong Kong"s freedoms and the rule of law.

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